"Talking to myself out loud since at least March 2001."

Adventures Into the Well-Known is the official Web log of Aaron B. Pryor, a new and amazed resident of Rochester, New York, one of the finest locations in the United States ever. Educated in the journalistic arts with a decade-plus career in community journalism. One fleeting continuing education course in hyper-text markup language and a Web spinner since, sometimes for money, sometimes for fun. Here, all in for the latter. Accomplished home chef with specialities in the comfort foods. Do not miss my fried green tomatoes nor my baked macaroni and cheese.

Amateur policy wonk and musicologist, specializing in Frank Zappa and the skavoovie. Currently employed as a technical support agent for a small but thriving e-commerce platform owned and operated by eBay.

The name of the blog comes from one of the first time I ever made my Dad laugh by expressing an original thought. I think at 12 years old or around there, I referred to one of our many road trips as an adventure into the well-known, and it became a staple joke. I also continuously find it hilarious to own such an unwieldy, large domain name. I have considered shortening it to AITWK or, better yet, 8WK (look for a moment; you'll get it), so, we'll see.


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